Take Your Training To The NEXT LEVEL

Want To Actually Experience Real Results In The Gym???

Now is your chance to have Bradley Martyn build you a custom training protocol so you can have the perfect physique that you never thought was possible!!!!

The Truth is, a lot of other coaching programs out there use templated workout plans so that they can quickly churn out as many low quality plans that never had your goals as their main focus. 

But Not with ours. 


Our Coaching Plans Provides Extraordinary Results


And this is because I actually listen to what you want and combine that with my years of experience transforming my own body in the gym!

Looking To Build Muscle

There's no better feeling than being the biggest guy in the gym! The one that you're always gawking at, thinking that there's no way for you to get that big. Well it doesn't have to be that way, you can be the one that everyone is staring at. With the right diet and mass building program you can achieve mountain status!

I Can Do That!

Looking To Increase Strength

Every time you head over to the dumbbell rack you see them sitting there... All the way at the bottom far right corner of the rack. Yea I'm talking about those MASSIVE 120 lb dumbbells. Well I can custom make a program for you that will have you repping out dumbbell press with them all while wondering whats next!

I Can Do That!

Looking To Get Lean

Maybe you already have Strength and Size and you're just looking for a way to get competition or beach ready! What you need is a Shred Program. One that Won't Destroy Your Gains, that you have worked so hard for. You need a program that will Get You Absolutely Shredded , ripping every last percent of fat from your god like body!

I Can Do That!

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